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About Us

Paradigm - "A typical example or pattern of something"

Paradigm Land Management is here to set a new example of what conservation can be.

Who We Are

Paradigm Land Management was formed in the spring of 2022. The owner, Michael, is a graduate of the Iowa State University School of Forestry. He saw a lack of viable resource for landowners in Iowa to obtain their goals for their property. Because of this, he started the company in order to bring conservation to private landowners in an unintimidating, effective, and affordable manner. 

Paradigm has the right people behind it, with exemplary experience in the field of conservation. We are prepared to make the best decisions for you and your property.

Call Today 319 - 530 - 2583


What We Do

Paradigm's goal is to bring conservation to private lands. We aspire to reach a higher standard than that set by state and federal lands. 85% of Iowa's forested land is owned privately. This means that decisions made by private landowners can hold a much greater impact than one might think. Paradigm is here to assist and guide landowners in decision making to restore and conserve what forested lands are left in the state. 

0.1% of Iowa's original prairie's are still intact today and what prairie has been brought back is often enrolled in CRP. Unfortunately, CRP is held to a very low standard. Often riddled by invasive species and poor diversity. Paradigm holds itself to a higher standard and works to manage your CRP or prairie to reach its highest potential. 

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